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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Recipe Highlight: Clementine Spice Cake

Clementine Spice Cake
December 11, 2019 | By: The Darling Dish

We love seeing what our creative foodie friends come up with using Darling Citrus®, and the newest recipe from Shadi of Unicorns in the Kitchen is no exception. She says this about her Clementine Spice Cake: “A robust combination of flavorful spices like ginger, cinnamon and cardamom gives this cake a warm feeling. Every bite contains a hint of each spice and, when paired with a cup of tea, this cake makes for a tasty winter afternoon snack.” Count us in!

Recipe Highlight: Roasted Grape, Bacon & Suavo Avocado® Flatbread

December 4, 2019 | By: The Darling Dish

Let’s face it: during the holidays it can be difficult to make fruit and vegetables front and center of your diet. Especially when it comes to entertaining, it seems like the most popular dishes are varying shades of beige (i.e. mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, anything fried). What if you could get your fruit and veggie fix in a way that still feels indulgent? We have the perfect solution with this Roasted Grape, Bacon & Suavo Avocado® Flatbread that is sure to freshen up your holiday spread.

Recipe Highlight: Darling Orange® and Hazelnut Oatmeal

November 20, 2019 | By: The Darling Dish

As the temperatures start to drop, ‘tis the season for cozy comfort food! There is nothing like a slow morning, curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a warm bowl of oatmeal--but not just any boring bowl of oats. We have a new recipe featuring Darling Oranges® that is sure to become a new favorite.

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