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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Orange Chicken Salad

October 9, 2018 | By: The Darling Dish

This Orange Chicken Salad with almond butter dressing is a quick and easy weeknight dinner
that the whole family will love! Hearty enough to be a main course, it's packed with protein
and healthy fats and a generous dose of vitamin C thanks to Darling Clementines!

Suavo Avocado® Eggs Benedict

avocado eggs benedict2
October 2, 2018 | By: The Darling Dish

Looking to add a little green to your Sunday brunch?  How about Eggs Benedict the Suavo way?

5 Back to School Snack Ideas

clementine cake2
September 5, 2018 | By: The Darling Dish

The back-to-school season can be both exciting and stressful!  Tighter schedules, new activities and the homework routine take some time to settle into. Not to mention all the crazy pressure to serve hot breakfasts, fun lunches, healthy snacks and a well-rounded dinner.  We hear you, mom and dad! You could use a little help in the meal department.

Here are a few fun ideas we’ve collected to help inspire you and take the stress out of snack time!

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