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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Father's Day Cookout Ideas

June 12, 2019 | By: The Darling Dish

Break out the grill, it’s Father’s Day! Dad’s have a way of uniting family - whether it be through food or laughter - that’s unique to him. He’s a protector, confidante, sports enthusiast and a man you always want by your side (until you go on a date).

Let dad be the master of his own grill with these sizzlin’ recipes:

Shrimp Kabobs with Creamy Avocado Sauce

Kababs are always a grilling favorite! Have dad put some shrimp on the grill and keep his watchful eye on ‘em to avoid the rookie mistake of overcooking. We won’t tell if you take an extra kebab or two!

3 Citrus Chicken Marinade

Darling Oranges®, Darling Lemons and limes combine to make the boldest marinated chicken recipe yet this summer! We recommend marinating for at least 24 hours, but it’s even more flavorful after 48.

Ginger Glazed Oranges

Meat isn’t the only thing you can grill - put your favorite Darling Citrus on the irons! All dad has to do is brush the grilled side with a cinnamon, vanilla and ginger glaze then top with ice cream. So simple yet so tasty...

From all of us at Darling Citrus, Happy Father’s Day to all of our Darling Dad’s. For more Pinspiration and grilling ideas, check out our Pinterest page

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