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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Zest Up Your Meals

September 10, 2021 | By: The Darling Dish
Orange Iced Tea

There are tons of perks of adding citrus to your diet. Here are three refreshing ways to add more citrus (oranges, Cara Caras, lemons, clementines) to your day. 


  1. Put Citrus In A Salad

    From clementine wedges to lemon vinaigrettes, you’re sure to enjoy the ease of adding citrus to a  salad. Try out this Orange Pomegranate Salad With An Orange Vinaigrette Dressing recipe for a light lunch or pair with a protein for a fuller meal!

    Orange and Ginger Drink
  2. Juice Those Juicy Oranges!

    There are several ways to make homemade juices with citrus! It’s so easy to customize juices  by adding ginger, vegetables and other non-citrus fruits. This Orange and Ginger drink uses carrots and ginger to create a delicious, fresh squeezed juice. It’s ideal to help wake on early mornings or to give just the right boost on those busy afternoons.

  3. Add Citrus to Your Tea!

    Lemon is a common fruit added to tea, but it’s not the only citrus to add a twist to those iced cold teas. Try adding Cara Caras to your favorite infused drink. This Citrus Tea Recipe is a great example of adding a little more citrus zest to a cold fresh beverage.




What's your favorite  way to zest up your drinks and dishes with Darling citrus? Comment below to let us know.



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