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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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These Clementine Creations are All Treat, No Trick!

October 25, 2018 | By: The Darling Dish
It can be easy to get carried away by the sugar rush of Halloween, but taking time to plan ahead for a healthy Halloween activity can help minimize how much sugar your kiddos consume this holiday. Adding in just one small, nutritious snack can make all the difference.
We have rounded up a few of our favorite fast and fun Halloween snacks and activities for you to enjoy with your little ones when it's trick or treat time!
1. Candy Corn Clementine parfaits are the ultimate vitamin C treat to get the night started!
Candy Corn Clementine
Not a fan of artificially flavored candy corn? No problem! Pile fresh pineapple, clementines, and whipped cream high in a parfait to recreate the classic Halloween look. This healthy
Halloween snack is easy to assemble and is sure to set your spooky night off right.
2. Pumpkin Clementines are an easy activity for little hands
It’s not hocus pocus – but it is magical! Make your clementines into pumpkins with cookie cutters and candy. The best part of this activity? You get to enjoy the sweet slices inside! Cut the clems in advance using a sharp paring knife or a cookie cutter to prep them for
decoration, then let your little ones fill them up with their favorite Halloween candies.
3. Decorate the table with these clementines in costume!
Searching for the perfect Halloween table centerpiece? Make your table look
like a pumpkin patch with peeled clementines and slices of celery. These are already peeled when your guests arrive, so they can snack throughout the evening! Try setting up a fondue station and dip your clementine slices in dark chocolate and orange, purple, and green  sprinkles for even more Halloween fun.
4. Create a cozy home theater to watch scary movies!
Scary movies are a little less scary when you have popcorn and pillow forts. Encourage your little ones to gather pillows, flashlights, and pjs, and gather in the living room for a Halloween movie marathon! Here are a few family-friendly flicks to get you started. Bonus – add a little
clementine zest to your movie-watching popcorn for a citrusy kick! For more citrus inspiration, check out these 7 A-Peel-ing Ways to Enjoy Oranges. Happy Halloween from your friends at Darling Citrus!
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