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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Take A (Virtual) Trip to Our Citrus Groves

April 15, 2020 | By: The Darling Dish

Just because traveling is on hold right now, doesn’t mean you can’t dream of places far, far away! We’re taking you on a trip through our citrus groves to cure your cabin fever.

LGS Darling Citrus Chile Groves - 8-1


The geography of Chile makes it a perfect location for farming and is one of the major regions where our citrus is grown. Lucky for you, the rich and fertile soil of Chile helps us to bring you clementines, lemons and oranges to make sure you have no shortage of your citrus in the summer months. Darling Citrus® is sourced globally from beautiful regions like these to ensure our customers have access to the freshest produce possible.

LGS_Moroccan Citrus Grove-1


Morocco has become one of the top growing regions of citrus in the world. Positioned between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it offers dry summers and cool, wet winters that create an ideal environment for growing citrus. Darling Clementines® are sourced from Morocco from November to April because it’s the optimal climate and region for growing great tasting fruit. 

Peru field


Citrus fruits produced in Peru are considered among the world's best for their extraordinary consistency, fragrance, rind quality and shelf life. The climate makes for ideal growing conditions, and its location along the coast is perfect for exporting to the U.S. Our Darling Clementines® and Darling Minneolas® are sourced from Peru from May to August to keep your favorite snacks on the shelves during the summer time! 

LGS Argentina Field-1


Argentina is the world's leading producer of lemons. The season runs May through July. The region is known for the superior size and quality of their fruit, which is why Darling Lemons® are always large and juicy.. Imports from Argentina are only expected to increase, so be on the lookout this summer for Darling Citrus®!

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