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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Recipe Highlight: Peruvian Roasted Chicken Thighs with Tangy Darling Citrus Sauce

October 30, 2019 | By: The Darling Dish

As a part of our Dish to Discovery Sweepstakes, we've been cooking up some brand new recipes inspired by our growing regions. Not only do we love the fact that sourcing globally gives us the freshest citrus all year long, but it also gives us the chance to learn about a variety of cultures around the world. Our newest recipe celebrates the flavors of Peru with a spice rub and a take on a traditional green sauce that is surprisingly addictive.


This spice rub is typically used on a whole roasted chicken, but we used chicken thighs to cut down on prep and cook time. Unlike chicken breasts, they stay delightfully tender and juicy without being too "dark" for those who prefer white meat. Plus, they are considerably cheaper per pound, so it's a great dish to serve for a crowd!


The Tangy Darling Citrus® Sauce is something magical. Reminiscent of chimichurri but with a smooth texture and citrus kick, you’ll want to make sure and have leftovers to put on, well, everything. Serve it on some tacos or enchiladas, use it to dress up roasted vegetables, or even stir it into your scrambled eggs (like a true Dr. Seuss). 


The best thing is, the majority of the spices are likely already in your cabinet! The only things you may need to stop at the store for are the chicken, poblanos, cilantro, and of course--Darling Clementines®. Plus, you can blend up the green sauce while the chicken cooks in the oven, so the entire meal comes together quickly.

Serve these Peruvian Chicken Thighs with Darling Citrus® Sauce over a bed of rice with a side salad for a delicious, stunning meal that your family (and any lucky guests) will love. Show us how you share Darling Clementines® with your loved ones on social!

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