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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Meals for the Tired Go-Getter

October 21, 2020 | By: The Darling Dish

Are you a self-proclaimed go-getter? If you’ve been hustling and bustling the entire day and you don’t like to do anything halfway… you probably are! But, let’s be honest. You’re tired, busy, and need a meal fast. Well, with just a few ingredients, the meals you’ve been looking for are here! You don’t need to be a master in the kitchen, just a novice who knows a kitchen hack or two will be all you need to slay these citrus creations.


Sheet Pan Greek Chicken Vegetables

What could be easier than potatoes, broccoli, and chicken in one sheet pan? All you have to do is place, season, and leave the oven do its work. It might be simple, but this meal will delight your taste buds with flavors from the mediterranean featuring Darling® sweet lemons.


Roasted Grape Bacon and Suavo Avocado® Flatbread

Pizza is a guilty pleasure we all wish we could enjoy every day. Well, everyday will feel like cheat day with this roasted grape, bacon and Suavo Avocado ® flatbread that, to be honest, beats those generic pizza slices any day of the week. Become a flatbread chef for an evening without the guilt!


Healthy Salmon Clementine Ginger Glaze

Salmon is an easy-to-cook protein and savor its rich flavors. If you don’t know how to season salmon, we’ve got an easy Darling Clementine ® Ginger Glaze that’ll add not only more nutritional value but also a pack of flavor! Just add some rice or salad to make your meal complete. There’s really not much to it!

What are your go-to dinner recipes when you’ve had a jam packed day conquering the world? Share with us on social media @darlingcitrus!

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