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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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In the Fields - Our Persimmon Season Has Arrived!

November 29, 2018 | By: The Darling Dish

We invite you to delight in the sweet honeyed-flavor of our Spanish Persimmons. This is our fifth year of bringing these brilliant wonders from our grower partners in Spain to you, here at home, to experience. Seize the opportunity to try this delicious fruit during their fall and winter season, running now through February.

Our Rojo Brillante Persimmons are the best qualities of Persimmons in one delicious fruit

Our Persimmons are our pride and joy. They are a variety called Rojo Brillante, meaning “sparkling red,” and they are brought to you from the fertile Valencia region of Spain. We know you will love our Spanish Persimmons because they are a unique combination of the best features found in the two most common Persimmon varieties: the Hachiya Persimmon and the Fuyu Persimmon.

Like a Hachiya Persimmon, our Rojo Brillantes are shaped like an acorn with a blunted point at their non-stem end; however, unlike a Hachiya Persimmon, you do not run the risk of biting into a fruit that can leave you with the sensation of cottonmouth! Enjoy your Rojo Brillante without the stressor of a potentially negative (dry mouth) experience. Simply bite in and enjoy… just the way it should be when eating a delicious fruit!

That’s because Rojo Brillante Persimmons can be eaten like Fuyu Persimmons, which are ready to bite right into- just like you would an apple. Boasting a rich red-orange color, our Persimmons are ready-to-eat and are the perfect ingredient for your favorite sweet and savory fall and winter dishes. Look for light speckles of sugar throughout the inside of the fruit, a natural sign of their sweetness. When the fruit ripens, the sugar speckles become more and more noticeable.

Pick the best persimmons for your holiday spread!

Persimmons are a wonderful addition to your fall fruit obsession. When grocery shopping, choose persimmons with deep red-orange undertones and look for round, plump, glossy smooth skin. This unforgettable fall fruit can be added to salads or roasted for a warm treat. For more about Darling Persimmons, check out our Persimmons page. You’ll find tips for storing and cooking this fabulous fall fruit.

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