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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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In the Fields - Here’s Why Grape Season is Bunches of Fun!

December 27, 2018 | By: The Darling Dish
Red Grapes

Our favorite bite-sized treats are now back in season! From December until April, go off the vine with these “bunches” of fun. Grapes are a guilt-free way to keep your lingering holiday sweet tooth at bay. Our grapes are an easy addition to any healthy meal or snack, topping the scale at less than 100 calories per cup! 

Here’s Why Grape Season is Bunches of Fun!

 Green Grapes

2019 marks our 13th year of bringing the freshest grapes from around the world to your plates. To date, we source from 42 farms in Peru and Chile with many varieties of grapes to choose from! 


Here are 5 out of many grape varieties to look for in a store near you this winter, along with our favorite ways to enjoy them:

  • Sweet Celebration: Round, sweet red grapes that are perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth and snack on just as they are!
  • Jack's Salute: Mild, crisp red grapes that can be used for slicing into your favorite chicken salad to add texture and flavor!
  • Sweet Globes: Sweet and crunchy green grapes that are a great addition to your favorite charcuterie board!
  • Ivory: Crisp, uniform green grapes that make best sweet treat pairing with chocolate!
  • Sugar Crisp: Elongated grapes that make the perfect crunchy snack for green grape lovers!

Shopping tips for grapes: Be sure to pick up one of these sweet grape varieties during your next grocery store run! When shopping, look for grapes that are fully plump and well-attached to the stems.

Storage tips for grapes: Remove any loosely attached grapes or stems and store in their original packaging in the refrigerator. Wash when you’re ready to eat!

For more information about LGS grapes, visit our Grapes page!
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