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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Experiment with New Equipment

September 24, 2020 | By: The Darling Dish

Are you looking for inspiration to stay active or ready to up the ante on your basic home workout routine? No matter your fitness journey, we all struggle with maintaining constant motivation to exercise. Try incorporating new equipment into your next sweat sesh to spice things up and keep you moving! We did a little research and found 3 fitness-junkie approved pieces of exercise equipment that are both affordable and functional.

Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before beginning a new exercise regimen or experimenting with new exercise equipment. 

10 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands During Exercise

#!: 10 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands During Exercise

Add an extra layer of challenge to your body weight exercises by utilizing resistance bands. For those that may be missing their home gym or prefer not to lift heavy weights, resistance bands are an excellent tool to provide a little more challenge for your muscles than bodyweight alone. Perfect for any fitness level, resistance bands are versatile and can effectively target just about every single  muscle group.

#2: 7 Reasons To Use A Stability Ball In Your Workout

Yoga ball. Exercise ball. Stability ball. Office chair? The options for incorporating a yoga ball into your fitness regimen are just about as endless as the various names it goes by. EFM Health Clubs has found that exercising with a yoga ball can provide a challenge for your core, help with posture, and increase stability. This slightly intimidating piece of equipment can actually provide you with a full-body workout or serve as the perfect addition to your next ab circuit or lower body lift!

#3: Foam Roller Benefits, Risks, and How To

Say hello to your new best friend! We all love a good cool down but rarely prioritize it as much as we should. Healthline suggests incorporating a foam roller into your next cool down sesh to help with muscle recovery by decreasing tightness, reducing inflammation, and enhancing your range of motion.

For a chance to win more at-home fitness equipment, be sure to enter our One Step at a Time Sweepstakes! And don't forget to fuel up after your sweat sesh! What's your favorite way to keep moving, virtually?

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