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illustration of some oranges

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Delish Dish: Harissa Chicken with Saffron Couscous

March 1, 2019 | By: The Darling Dish

This delicious harissa chicken is the perfect weeknight meal served with saffron infused couscous. Learn how to make this spicy chicken recipe with a twist.

Marinated chicken recipes are so good because you can try so many different flavors and ways to make chicken. Some of our favorite chicken recipes are chicken shawarma, chicken shish kabob and Joojeh KababEach of these dishes has a special flavor and are great for a family meal. If you love spicy chicken, this harissa chicken thighs recipe is going to be another favorite!

Clementine background


Harissa is a chili pepper paste that has a common use in North Africa and Morocco. It originates from Tunisia and can be used in different dishes using chicken, beef and grains. Harissa chicken is a popular dish that’s made with chicken marinated in harissa paste for a couple of hours and then grilled to perfection. It’s served with tasty couscous that’s cooked in chicken broth and is infused with saffron.

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This harissa chicken is different from other recipes because I used Darling Clementines® in the marinade. The sweetness and freshness of the clementines beautifully compliments the spicy harissa and balances the flavors. Darling Clementines® sources fruit from all over the world to supply the best quality year-round and their sourcing region from November to April is from Morocco – which is why we decided to make a Moroccan-inspired dish using these clementines. Darling Clementines® are sourced from Morocco during this season because it’s the optimal climate and region for growing great tasting fruit from January through April. Morocco is positioned between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, offering dry summers and cool, wet winters that create an ideal environment for growing citrus.

The addition of these sweet clementines to the marinade makes the chicken juicier, and gives it a nice kick of sweetness that’s perfect with harissa. 

Grilled chicken flavored with harissa and served with a delicious couscous is very simple to make. You can serve this recipe as a family meal or at your party. Because of the presentation and colors, this harissa chicken dinner is indeed a showstopper. I love serving this dish family style, meaning that I serve all of the couscous and chicken in one large platter and everyone takes as much as they like into their plates.

For more information on this recipe from Shadi, visit Unicorns in the Kitchen!

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