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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Citrus Doggie Treats

April 12, 2021 | By: The Darling Dish

In commemoration of National Dog Day, we've got a sweet line up of doggie treats for your pets to enjoy. Trust us, your dogs will be pawing at the chance for a bite of these citrus dog treats!


Gummy Paws

Everyone likes a chewy treat! This gummy is as easy as 1,2,3 ingredients and just five steps! For additional flavors, add a veggie friend to the mix like a bundle of spinach, a carrot blend, or some celery juice. If you have any leftover lemons, make a chewy dessert for yourself as well that’s both gluten- and dairy- free!


Orange Cranberry Dog Treat 

Darling, orange you glad we included this tasty biscuit! A crispy crunch is something that even your pup craves. So, bake and make your pet’s day with this naturally delicious Orange Cranberry Dog cookie. 


Orange Carob Dog Treat 

If you’ve got a nutty pup, this is the treat for them! Made with Darling Clementines® and carob, this crunchy cookie is a naturally sweet bite that’s good for dogs big and small. Leftover Carob? No problem. You can make a bowl of Citrus Cacao Power Bites, replacing the cacao with carob to add a nutty flavor and make it caffeine-free!

What’s the first pup treat you’ll try? Let us know on social and take a pic of your pup enjoying these tasty citrus chewies. 

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