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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Chilly Citrus Treats

July 16, 2020 | By: The Darling Dish

Summer heat can easily be beat with some chilly citrus treats! Wander into a world of cool with frozen desserts that’ll keep the heat at bay. Enjoy the sunshine with a side of sweet Darling Citrus®  and Suavo Avocado®. 


Suavo Avocado® Milkshake

Nothing like a creamy cold milkshake to shake up your day! Enjoy our Suavo Avocados® in a sweet new way, and enjoy this delicious, frosty shake poolside (or for an afternoon WFH pick-me-up). Cool Tip: Add avocados to your morning smoothies as well for an extra-creamy boost of fiber. 



Lemon Sorbet

Soak up those rays and relax outside with this refreshing Darling Lemon® sorbet. Somewhere in between ice cream and a snow-cone, it’s a great way to utilize your extra summer citrus fruit. Cool tip: Get creative! Add berries, mint, or alcohol of your choice to create your own personalized creation.



Sparkling Clementine Popsicle

Need a quick ‘n’ easy to make treat when the kids get hit with a sweet tooth? These Darling Clementine® popsicles are an easy frozen treat that’ll keep those 100 degree days cool. Cool tip for those who don’t have popsicle holders: use Dixie cups and saran wrap! The saran wrap can help in holding the popsicle stick in place while the juice freezes. 


What are some of your favorite Darling® chilly citrus treats? Let us know below!

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