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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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Brighten Mother’s Day with Citrus 💐💖🍊

May 12, 2024 | By: The Darling Dish

Brighten Mom’s special day with the cheerful, zesty essence of Darling Citrus®! Join us as we explore simple ways to make Mother’s Day extra sweet for the special women in your life.

1. Flower Her With Love

Flower Mom with love by giving her a bouquet as vibrant and sweet as she is! Gather a colorful assortment of her favorite flowers and slices of Darling Citrus®, and arrange to your preference in a vase. We used a medley of Darling Oranges®, Darling Lemons®, Darling Grapefruit® and Darling Mandarins® with matching florals, but there are plenty of other beautiful combinations including:

Pro tip: You may place a smaller vase with the flowers inside the larger vase with Darling Citrus® for easier arrangement. Or, cut the citrus in halves rather than slices and keep the flowers gathered with the “walls” created by the citrus halves.


2. Bake Sweet Memories

Surprise Mom with delightfully zesty treats made with love! You can’t go wrong with velvety Darling Clementine® cheesecake, chewy Darling Orange® fudge cookies, or fluffy Darling Lemon® zest cupcakes. Better yet, invite her to join you in the kitchen for a fun Mother’s Day activity baking sweet memories together!


3. Brighten Her Day

Treat Mom with a sunny citrus surprise! Whether you assemble a gift basket brimming with fresh fruit and candied Darling Citrus® treats, brighten up her home with a bowl of vibrant Darling Clementines®, or infuse her home with the wonderful aroma of a simmering citrus stovetop potpourri, Darling Citrus®-filled gestures are sure to brighten her day.

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