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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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A Day For Dad

June 18, 2020 | By: The Darling Dish

This week we want to give it to the Fathers (and Father figures) who did the hard work to make sure we made it through everything the world has thrown our way - from scraped knees to graduations. 👏 To help you celebrate the guys who are some of our biggest heroes, fans, and friends we put together a list of our favorite dad approved recipes and gift ideas!

The Food


Spicy Suavo Avocado® Hummus

We’ve never met a dad who doesn’t like a good snack. This one brings the heat and pairs well with a sweet salsa



Suavo Avocado® Chicken Burger Sliders

Why did the Dad cross the road? He smelled this chicken burger cooking 🥁😂

Bad dad jokes aside, this chicken burger is perfect for those who like to man the grill. 



Slow Cooker Darling Minneola® Chipotle Pork

We know grilling is a bit of a father stereotype, so this is the recipe for those who don’t care for the flames. A slow cooker recipe, this is also ideal for the dad’s who want to spend the day out doing activities! 


The Gifts

Are you a procrastinator? Here are 30 gifts that you can Prime! 



Does your dad like the gift of time? How about one of these 28 Father’s Day activities


2b349e24e058c13b8fa5c9347c6da502ea-pressure-cooker.2x.rhorizontal.w600Is your dad a foodie? The New Yorker has a guide for that! 


Whether you have a bbq or a day outside, we hope we’ve helped you make the most of Father’s Day! And we’d love to see your festivities - share them with us @DarlingCitrus!

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