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illustration of some oranges
illustration of some oranges

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3 Ways to Enjoy Darling Grapefruit

July 12, 2023 | By: The Darling Dish

Introducing your new favorite Darling Citrus®, Darling Grapefruit®! From its signature, deep ruby coloring to its bursting tart, juicy flavor, this sweet citrus hybrid is sure to become one of your favorites. Darling Grapefruit® is grown in the finest citrus groves in South Africa from June until October. Try some of our favorite ways to enjoy this Darling Citrus® gem while it’s available!

Slice and enjoy!

Add Darling Grapefruit® to the list of Darling Citrus® that makes for an instant, healthy, and satisfying snack on its own! Like Darling Clementines® and Darling Oranges®, it’s also perfect for taking on the go. Slice Darling Grapefruit® up ahead of time and store them in a container for a refreshing pick-me-up throughout your day. 

Pro tip: To taste even more flavor in your Darling Grapefruit®, try sprinkling a little bit of salt on top! This trick has been used to enhance the fruit’s sweetness for decades. Or, try broiling your Darling Grapefruit® and drizzling honey or brown sugar on top!

Zesty Sweet Treats

Add new, dynamic flavor to a variety of sweet treats with Darling Grapefruit®! Use its zest in your homemade baked goods for a subtle citrus flavor or bake them into pies or cakes. If you’re looking for a new and refreshing sweet treat to bake this summer, try making Darling Grapefruit Bars!

Citrus Brown Sugar Cookies

Darling Grapefruit® Topping

Darling Grapefruit® is the perfect topping to add sweetness to your favorite dishes! Slice them up and add them to savory salads, yogurt parfaits, cheese and crackers, salsa, or smoothies. With its irresistible juicy flavor, the possible delicious Darling Grapefruit® pairs are endless!

How are you going to enjoy Darling Grapefruit®?

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