Supporting Susan G. Komen is more than just a monetary sponsorship opportunity for LGS.

In 2016, the LGS Speciality Sales team unanimously decided to partner with the organization as there isn’t a single person in our organization whose life has not been touched in one way or another by breast cancer. Several of our employees participate in the ‘Race For the Cure’ in honor of loved ones who felt the effects of breast cancer. We even debut our limited-time pink Darling Clementines packaging in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month to promote the cause to our shoppers.

The best part? We get to support a cause we care about AND drive traffic to your stores. Together with you, we will be encouraging healthier habits, giving away prizes to support fitness goals, and letting shoppers know about their chance to support the cause. This means that if you choose to partner with us and stock your shelves with Darling Clementines®, we’ll be driving shoppers to your stores through email marketing, social media geo-targeted advertising, and influencer partnerships.


Darling Clementine Pink Bag
We Race For The Cure

‘Race For The Cure’ brings us all together for the same shared mission. We invite our families, friends and colleagues who are close to the area to join us for a special day that celebrates and honors the lives touched by this disease and raises funds for future research and prevention. It’s become one of the most personal and cherished things we do together at LGS.

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Working with LGS Sales means elevated marketing for your store with:

Email Marketing

We’ll be regularly contacting our extensive database to inform shoppers of where they can spot the new packaging

social media ads

Weekly targeted social media advertisements will be published to drive consumers into your stores


Our influencer partner(s) will create awareness for product in stores and the One Step at a Time promotion

Our advertisements with retailers are yielding compelling results.
One of our most recent campaigns garnered:

All within the retailer’s city and target market!

For shoppers that value brands supporting a cause, they are willing to spend nearly $2 more on average for everyday items compared to other shoppers (2020).

Source: The Checkout (2020). The cause marketing edition. Retrieved from:

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in supporting this cause and get PINK PACKAGING!