Brighter Summer Sweepstakes

LGS Specialty Sales has teamed up with Brighter Bites to bring families a "Brighter Summer."

When the summer season arrives and students are no longer guaranteed meals from school, the problem of food insecurity is heightened. We want to help Brighter Bites turn this insecurity into a security.

Get Involved Now

How We're Doing It


Through the Brighter Summer promotion, participants can enter for the chance to win interactive prizes to bring their family together in the kitchen. Plus, we're donating over 5,000 pounds of citrus to families in need through Brighter Bites!

bag of Darling Clementine oranges

Shoppers have the chance to find Darling Citrus bags in stores and scan the QR code at participating retailers to learn more about how to get involved.

Brighter Bites grocery bag full of oranges

Once the promotion concludes, LGS will work with Brighter Bites to distribute the bags of citrus and educate families about the many health benefits and fun ways to enjoy the fruit!

basket of oranges

How Retailers Can Participate:

  1. Order fruit from LGS to have in stores for shoppers to purchase to help the cause
  2. Request and display our shelf talker, available for both Darling® branded and private label products, which invites shoppers to learn more and donate
  3. Invite your marketing department to learn more and share the sweepstakes information on your company's social media pages to engage shoppers with the promotion

Who We Are

kids snacking on fruits and veggies

About Brighter Bites:

Brighter Bites' mission is to provide nourishing food for families that may not have access or resources for. Each week, they work to curate 20 lb. bags of fresh produce bags to give away to families in lower socioeconomic areas. Along with providing food, they offer resources that teach families how to use the ingredients in the bags to create meals they will enjoy sharing together. They also prioritize nutrition education to encourage recipients to value real food when making their own grocery decisions.

Brighter Bites is able to provide these bags because of growers & shippers, processors, and other produce companies across the county. They also work with transportation companies that discount or donate services to get the food to one of their distribution hubs. The produce is stored and sorted in their warehouse until it's ready to distribute to local families.


About LGS Specialty Sales:

LGS Specialty Sales has been a leading importer of fruit for over 30 years from select regions around the world. Their network of growers from Chile to Morocco and beyond has ensured they are able to provide consistent, quality fruit outside of the typical U.S. seasons. Offering a steady supply of clementines and avocados, they also supply lemons, minneolas, persimmons, oranges, and grapes throughout the year. This means LGS has the opportunity to provide citrus to kids and families throughout the summer when domestic fruit is out of season.